Tiger Friends Painting

Tiger Friends

Tiger Friends 12"x12" Acrylic on wood panel.   Read More
Þessi staður er galdur-green

Þessi staður er galdur

Þessi staður er galdur “This place is magic” 10”x 20” Framed diptych, gouache on paper This piece was inspired by my trip to Iceland in 2019 with Light Grey Art Lab, team Grey Seal and produced for the "Together" residency show. I painted two 5"x 7" grey seal portraits in gouache set in abstracted landscapes… Read More
Coastal Wolf At Play, painting

Coastal Wolf At Play

Coastal Wolf At Play 20"x 16" Acrylic on wood panel. A coastal wolf dances in play along the coastline. Wolves are among my favorite animals. I have been drawing and painting them for most of my life. I am fascinated by their behaviors and social way of life. I've followed the ecological struggles of the wolf… Read More
I Don't Want To Live In A World Without Tigers-painting

I Don’t Want To Live In A World Without Tigers (Siberian Tiger)

I Don't Want To Live In A World Without Tigers 50"x 50" Acrylic on canvas. Tigers are my all-time favorite animal. I have always identified with the tiger. Tigers are faced with ever dwindling habitat and human encroachment, as well as illegal poaching driven by global demand for the illegal trade of tigers and their… Read More