Coastal Wolf At Play, painting
Coastal Wolf At Play-framed on wall
Coastal Wolf At Play-detail view
Coastal Wolf At Play-detail view

Coastal Wolf At Play

20″x 16″

Acrylic on wood panel.

A coastal wolf dances in play along the coastline. Wolves are among my favorite animals. I have been drawing and painting them for most of my life. I am fascinated by their behaviors and social way of life. I’ve followed the ecological struggles of the wolf in the United States since my childhood, from their successful reintroduction in Yellowstone to the recent heartbreaking news that they are being removed from the endangered species list. Recently, I have been introduced to the coastal wolves of the Great Bear Rainforest thanks to the magical and inspiring work of wildlife photographers such as Ian McAllister, Paul Nicklen, Tom McPherson, Steve Woods, and countless others. Through their photography I’ve gained a window into the amazing world of the coastal wolf and fallen in love with this wonderful species. This work was inspired by their imagery.